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Areas of expertise

Advise for the professional beginning with 3D Printing including applications such as Industrial (e.g. Aerospace / Aviation, Automotive), Medical / Healthcare, Construction / Architecture, and Commercial (e.g. Jewellery, Art / Sculpture, Fashion, Food). 

1 / Project Management & Business Case Preparation

2 / Design & Simulation

3 / Application Engineering

4 / Process & Materials

5 / Data Preparation

6 / Machine Operation

7 / Post-Processing
8 / Measuring Quality
9 / Additive Manufacturing Execution System
10 / Legal (Intellectual Property)

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Solution-agnostic 3D Printing Advisory

Our goal is to advise you independently and completely vendor-neutral, because we want the best for you.

Specialist Expertise with 3D Printing Mindset

Knowledge sharing you need as a user to understand how to successfully deploy 3D printing in your organisation.

Impactful expert conversations

Consult trusted, verified experts with deep Additive Manufacturing experience across multiple disciplines.

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Are you a business and want to provide your customers with additive manufacturing expertise? We have you covered. 

With our expert widget for additive manufacturing, we can provide you with exclusive access to our expert network.

The widget can be integrated with any hard- and software.

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