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3dpmaven is a brand of Fountonomy Limited

Fountonomy Limited

183B Rangatira Road

Beach Haven, Auckland, 0626

New Zealand

email: concierge at

Authorized representative: Daniel Werner

Registration number (NZBN): 9429047272323

GST number: 128-071-466


How do I become an expert on 3dpmaven?

Experts on our platform are hand-selected and vetted by the 3dpmaven team. If you think you have what it takes, simply apply by filling in the application form here.


Who is 3dpmaven for?

Each expert brings something unique to the platform. Our core audience share traits of wanting to solve problems innovate and create great products. 

We are problem-solvers and can help with:

  • brainstorming in a virtual whiteboard session

  • assisting with the correct machine setup

  • providing insights in a consulting call

  • discussing ideas and opinions (sound-boarding)

  • conducting a remote project or desktop research

  • providing training sessions

Should you be interested in booking one or multiple of our experts for more than an hour (e.g. days, weeks, or even months), please get in touch with our Concierge here and we can facilitate such requests. 


Do your experts execute on work?

The focus is to provide guidance and direction. However, depending on your circumstances we can also find ways to help deliver on projects. 


How is confidentiality managed on the platform?

As stated in the Terms & Conditions, our experts are expected to maintain a certain level of confidentiality. If required, clients can provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement to 3dpmaven prior to the session, who will facilitate the signing with the expert.


Let's Work Together

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