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Tanguy P

Location: Australia

Process & Material, Machine Operation


Tanguy has four years of professional experience which has enriched his technical abilities associated with Additive Manufacturing (AM). These professional experiences have introduced him to various industries such as dental, sports and medical.


Educationally his Biomedical Engineering course was centred around manufacturing techniques for medical devices, in which 3D printing and various other AM processes were studied. His education has founded a large base of theoretical knowledge which he has applied in real industrial contexts.


Tanguy offers exceptional technical knowledge of FDM and L-PBF production techniques. Furthermore, as an AM start-up founder, he has a deep understanding of company development focused on AM which enables him to advise other start-ups in this space.


His areas of expertise include:

  • Design & Simulation

  • Process & Materials

  • Data Preparation

  • Machine Operation

  • Post-Processing


More specifically, Tanguy can provide expertise during his session in the following fields:


Product & Virtual Twin Development (Additive Manufacturing Outlines)

  • AM Process

  • AM Materials/BOM

  • AM Outcomes/Results


Industrial Software (Pre-Processing, Slicing)

  • QuantAM

  • Fusion360


Open Source/Commercial Software (Pre-Processing, Slicing)

  • Cura

  • PrusaSlicer

  • Superslicer


Hardware (Setup, Machine Control Unit (MCU))

Open Source/Commercial

  • Bigtree-tech

  • Creality

  • Raspberrypi


Firmware (Machine Setting/Optimisation, PID Tuning, Vibration Compensation)

Open Source/Commercial

  • Marlin

  • Klipper

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