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Sebastian R

Location: Australia

Application Engineering, Machine Operation


Sebastian has been designing parts and 3D printing for more than 5 years in both hobby and professional engineering contexts. His Mechanical Engineering degree taught him about many facets of 3D printing including how printers function, material choices, as well as the design of different types of printers. He has experience with rapid manufacturing including 3D printing, finishing and post-processing, and auxiliary manufacturing methods (Laser cutting, moulding).

He has experience in a variety of fields, including motorsport, subsea, robotics, and medical. 


Sebastian’s work is highly regarded. He is advising USA-based organisations. His work includes creating models and drawings for assembly and manufacturing, as well as renders for presentations. Most recently he worked on drafting parts of an upgrade to a shaking table lab at the University of California.


Furthermore, his work includes developing a prototype with the aid of 3D printing, vacuum, forming, and mould making/casting alongside communicating with clinicians from the local hospital to gather user needs and requirements. Recently, this work was awarded a $50,000 grant from the Sydney Local Health District's The Pitch competition to continue development.


Sebastian is hoping to work with small to medium businesses (technical or non-technical) and help integrate 3D printing into their business to improve workflow.


Sebastian can provide the following expertise during the advisory sessions:


  • Introduction to 3D printing

  • Vendor/Product/Material selection

  • 3D Printer troubleshooting,

  • CAD Design for 3D printing

  • Finishing/Post Processing of 3D prints

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