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Samson L

Location: Hong Kong

Application Engineering, Process & Material


Samson has worked as an Applications Engineer at Stratasys APJ, where he touched many different applications and produced hundreds of benchmarks using FDM and Polyjet in many different industries. His role involved him providing application support to smaller regional offices and partners which included Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.


He is currently working for Western Tool & Mold a company with 6 Industrial grade 3D Printers which focus on printing parts for the interiors of passenger planes using high-performance ULTEM9085 with customers such as Safran Seats and Collins Aerospace.


Samson is hoping to work with small to medium businesses to advise them about the benefits of using additive manufacturing, whether it be for end-use parts, jigs and fixtures or prototyping.


Samson’s specific offerings are as follows:

  • Introduction to 3D Printing

  • Problem-solving using additive manufacturing

  • FDM, Polyjet, and SLA technology-related questions


He can offer


  • Problem-solving and brainstorming in the form of a vast knowledge of different applications and experience

  • Advise about technology and material selection

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