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Phillip K

Location: United Arab Emirates

Additive Manufacturing for aerospace


Phillip is an expert in additive manufacturing for aerospace hardware, particularly for satellite structures and UAVs (Unmanned aerial vehicles). He has extensive knowledge in CAD/simulation experience and research experience in material selection and processing, especially in the domain of high-temperature engineering plastics.


During his engineering career, he worked for several leading companies in the aerospace industry. While working in this industry, he gained in-depth knowledge about additive manufacturing and some of his responsibilities included:


  • design of an additive-manufactured UAV airframe (25kg class).

  • design/manufacture of spacecraft structures and mechanical hardware, mostly for the FAC (Full Anechoic Chamber) antenna/sensor system.

  • mechanical design of ground-based sensor packages for the satellite S&F (Store & Forward) systems. He also worked extensively on the design of a Digital Twin for the Diwata 2 satellite in Unreal Engine.


Besides his engineering profession, Phillip is a tech writer who published over 1,400 articles in the tech and start-up domain. Most of his writing has been for tech companies in the domains of 3D printing, aerospace, CAD, and simulation.


Phillip has a Master of Science degree from the International Space University in Strasbourg as well as a Master’s Degree in Engineering from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. At NTU his focus was on additive manufacturing for aerospace applications. The research was conducted in partnership with Stratasys Asia. Projects included the design and manufacture of a heatproof drone, which received wide media attention, and further research into 3D-printed CubeSats.


Phillip can advise clients in their material selection, aerospace plastics, additive manufacturing setup guidance, design for manufacturing, as well as process recommendations.

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