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Paul M

Location: California, USA

Additive Materials & Additive Design


Paul has been in the 3D printing world for over seven years. He has deep knowledge of not just additive manufacturing but also additive design. He is about to graduate from California State University (CSU), Chico with a Degree in Applied Sciences in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor Degree in Materials Manufacturing. This has given Paul a great foundation for his startup company called "P & M Additive". 


Paul has been training students and other professors across California's State University School system by way of club involvement. He is the Vice President of the Chico State 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Club where he has continued to help service students and club organizations with anything they need 3D printed. He is also the Treasurer for the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) for CSU, Chico, where he recently won the 1st place prize for his research in recycled materials and their use in the additive manufacturing industry. This competition was between all Northern California CSU, including California Berkeley students. 


Paul can help clients with not just small-scale manufacturing but also large-scale manufacturing inquiries. He also will be able to advise in additive design and 3D modeling of their design. He can help with everything from initial design to set a goal or pathway to getting a final product.


Paul is hoping to work with any and everyone who wants help either designing and or prototyping. 

Paul's areas of expertise: 

  • Additive Design & Simulation

  • Application Engineering

  • Process & Materials

  • Post-Processing

  • Measuring Quality

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If you want to know more about the booking process, please send an Email to our concierge here.

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