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Natalia S

Location: Australia

Design & Simulation, Application Engineering


As a Biomedical Engineer with a Master's Degree in 3D Printing and Advanced Manufacturing, Natalia has been linked to the 3D printing field for more than 4 years. Throughout these years she has been able to expand her knowledge regarding generating the correct CAD design for specific 3D printing mechanisms under the actual standards and requirements of this manufacturing method. Furthermore, her knowledge includes choosing the correct material for a designed piece based on its final functionality. She specializes in using 3D printing for the medical and biomechanical fields. As the head of the Design and Development department of Ayúdame3D, an organization located in Spain focused on creating personalized arm and hand prostheses, her job consists of gathering the 3D scanning information of their client's anatomical details and transforming it into a precise CAD model that will match their client's limb and execute its purpose at ease and without any problem once 3D printed.


With this experience, Natalia can advise on which are the benefits and possibilities of implementing this technological advance in your company by analyzing if it can be an essential tool for your time, budget, and scope optimization. She can also guide you to analyze if 3D printing and/or 3D scanning are suitable options for you considering the project's complexity, either by taking advantage of them to create prototypes through your project's roadmap in the planning, execution, monitoring, and control phase or by using them for end-use parts. If additive manufacturing results being a helpful tool that can potentially help your company to stand out among others, she can mentor you through the steps that should be followed along a pathway to correctly execute a project linked to 3D printing. Natalia will make clear recommendations about


  • how you should deal with the risks you may face in your project management plan,

  • help you create a potential initial CAD design for your project,

  • give you advice on how to manufacture complex items quickly,

  • how to reduce errors,

  • how to deliver better-improved products faster, and

  • guide you to choose the most suitable 3d printing technique or materials.

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