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Mikhail S

Location: Dubai

3D Construction Printing (3DCP)


Mikhail is a Civil Engineer with more than 5 years of experience in 3D construction printing. He is well acquainted with the most common types of concrete printing equipment and all the features of 3DCP.


Mikhail holds a valid license in 3D Printing Building Construction Contracting from the Dubai Municipality.


Throughout the years acting in the capacity of 3D Construction Printing Manager, he gained experience and knowledge in real application of the technology, executing the planning, and organizing of projects of 3DCP, including support with the right choice of equipment/material/team structure.


He can provide an overview of the current situation of the 3DCP market and discuss best practices to work with printing technology in construction. He can also support conducting market research with a written report on specific questions related to 3DCP (companies/projects/materials/equipment).


Mikhail is well versed in providing advice on how to organise the workspace for a 3D studio or construction site as well as how to solve issues with material quality, printing process, or equipment.

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