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Lars B

Location: Germany

Large-scale 3D Printing prototype for Automotive OEM


Lars has a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and is working with 3D printing technologies since 2014. He developed deep knowledge about almost all aspects of Additive Manufacturing during his time working in the prototype department and research facility of Ford Motor Company.


After many years working with this large automotive OEM, Lars joined a global Management & Technology consultancy as a manager. In this capacity, he was advising clients in the implementation of digital manufacturing projects.


At present Lars is working for a 3D printing OEM as a product manager.


As a self-starter in Additive Manufacturing himself, Lars can put himself into the shoes of a company who are interested in 3D printing that wants to start applying this technology. He can hit the ground running and can help clients start with their AM journey from developing a roadmap to operating the machine.


In his respective specialist domain, Lars’s areas of expertise in Additive Manufacturing include:

  • Project Management

  • Business Case Preparation

  • Design & Simulation

  • Application Engineering

  • Process & Materials

  • Data Preparation

  • Machine Operation

  • Additive Manufacturing Execution System


Application expertise:

  • Industrial general

  • Aerospace / Aviation

  • Automotive

  • Medical / Healthcare

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