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Karl D, PhD

Location: Singapore

Metal 3D Printing, Alloy Application Engineering


Karl has more than 9 years of experience in 3D Printing starting in polymer-based FDM systems testing wood biopolymers to SLM, DED and Binder jet systems from operation to parameter development to analysis (mechanical testing, microstructural analysis).


In his current role as Research Fellow, his specialist field is in alloy selection, and analysis techniques (destructive and non-destructive).


Karl’s expertise lies in the alloy selection and use case of metal 3D printing. In his advisory sessions, he can help with machine selection, alloy choice for the customers' application, post-processing requirements (machining, heat treatment) and potential value-added avenues of metal 3D printing (topology optimisation).


Karl’s areas of expertise include:

  • Application Engineering

  • Process & Material

  • Machine Operation

  • Post-Processing

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If you want to know more about the booking process, please send an Email to our concierge here.

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