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Julian M

Location: Germany

Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D Printing


Julian started his 3D printing career in 2016 using FDM/FFF printing technologies combined with a large six-axis industrial robot with a screw extruder to improve the print speed of large objects.


He then introduced and managed additive manufacturing at a production site of a large automotive OEM, to develop and produce end-use parts, and reduce spare parts and inventory space.


Following that industrial assignment, Julian worked for two years on a research project to compare metal additive manufacturing methods. Here he compared SLM with Metal-FFF printing and developed demo parts for small and medium-sized companies. His main focus was on researching how to print Metal-FFF parts, develop demo parts and measure the test specifications. In addition, he developed demo parts via reverse engineering using a 3D scanner.


With this extensive experience with the FFF process using plastics and metal Julian can provide problem-solving advice for clients applying this technology. He can help advise on machine selection as well as apply the principles of Design for AM (DfAM).

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