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Jayant M, PhD cand

Location: USA

Virtual Reality for AM


Jayant’s 3D printing experience includes working with industry clients in a product design and process development capacity for automotive and general manufacturing applications.


As a Ph.D. candidate, he has completed 4+ years of research on the design of user experiences to train and apply design for additive manufacturing during product design processes.


Jayant is looking forward to working with organizations looking to adopt 3D printing into their product development processes. Value propositions may benefit from his experience designing and developing 3D printing processes and products. Those looking to incorporate talent development initiatives to strengthen their in-house understanding of AM technologies and their applications may also benefit from his expertise in designing user experiences to train designers to innovate with AM.


Areas of expertise:

  • Design & Simulation

  • Application Engineering

  • Virtual Reality

  • Augmented Reality


Application expertise:

  • Industrial general

  • Commercial general

  • Research and Development

  • Digital Training and Education

  • Design for AM (DfAM)

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