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James F

Location: New Zealand

Digital Manufacturing, DfAM, Machine Operation


James has over six years of experience in additive manufacturing, founding a business, Kapiti3D, which specialises in 3D printing and 3D design (DfAM), working directly with clients and consulting. He specialises in digital manufacturing, 3D Printing - Design, Additive Manufacturing (AM) in Material Extrusion, Vat Polymerisation and Powder Bed Fusion production processes, maintenance servicing and operation.


He is looking forward to work with clients and businesses interested in utilising AM in their business and finding where it can fit in, change their workflows to be more cost-effective, integrate AM in their existing business workflows, understand how AM fits in as a means of primary product/part production for prototypes and final functional parts.


In an advisory session, James is offering the following services:


  • sound-boarding,

  • problem-solving,

  • vendor for means of production/design,

  • material selection and material properties,

  • best process/processes for producing parts for bulk manufacturing and prototyping functions.


James has specialist knowledge covering the following areas within the AM value chain:


  • Design & Simulation

  • Process & Materials

  • Data Preparation

  • Machine Operation

  • Post-Processing

  • Measuring Quality

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