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Jaco B

Location: Germany

Distortion Management in Metal AM


Jaco is a scientific researcher with an interest in materials sciences and additive manufacturing, whereby he has acquired experience in industry and research. During his academic studies (Bachelor & Master) Jaco gathered extensive knowledge about lightweight construction to manufacturing topology-optimized and generative-designed components as well as the technical foundations of metals, polymers, and composites.  Especially in the area of metals with regards to mechanical testing as well as analyzing the metallurgical microstructure, which has a decisive effect on the material properties.


He collected valuable industrial experience in the automotive and aerospace sector working with companies such as Audi and Airbus. While working with Airbus and Cranfield University he gained in-depth experience regarding engineering challenges to reduce residual stresses and distortions in terms of the large-scale additive manufacturing of topology-optimized aluminum parts in the aviation industry. Thereby, he has developed a finite element simulation approach to predict occurring distortions during the deposition process. Furthermore, he has conducted distortion-reducing investigations of various geometric structures and evaluated different distortion-reducing methods.


Jaco can transfer this knowledge to other industries that would like to additively manufacture weight-reducing components.


In addition, Jaco has relevant experience in the large-scale production of metallic components with robot-based additive manufacturing. In this respect, Jaco can offer background knowledge on improved design optimization and appropriate manufacturing strategy planning, parameter optimization, and distortion-reducing options.


He is available as a guide to advise clients on the right additive manufacturing process and discuss possible design options to produce the optimum part.


In summary, Jaco’s special field of expertise is in the following areas:

  • Directed Energy Deposition processes: WAAM and LMD

  • Fused Deposition Modelling

  • Cold Metal Transfer

  • Distortion Reduction

  • Distortion Measurement

  • Residual Stress Management

  • Lightweight Construction

  • Bionic Design

  • Topology Optimization

  • Generative Design

  • Innovative Materials


Clients can expect thorough advice on the following topics:


  • The correct product and material selection

  • Distortion and warpage reduction

  • Problem-solving

  • Product improvement (integration of lightweight construction designs, Manufacturing strategy planning, parameter optimization)

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