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Daniel W

Location: New Zealand

Project Management & Business Case Development


As a 3D printing enthusiast, Daniel is constantly in the search of new technological breakthroughs. He is passionate about learning everything relevant to 3D Printing technology trends.  

Daniel is passionate about helping companies drive innovation while also improving productivity and organizational capabilities to create long-term impact and resilience.


A delivery-focused professional with a comprehensive background within the Technology, Logistics, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing industries.

He is a proven technology expert with more than 15 years of experience in Consulting and Corporate roles. Daniel has worked with leading consultancies such as KPMG and BearingPoint advising organisations such as Deutsch Bahn, Südzucker, Serko, and Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. Beyond that, he assumed responsibility as Corporate CIO with the German TecDAX-listed manufacturing company Jenoptik.

If you are looking to evaluate your organisation’s 3D Printing capabilities, and improve productivity and innovation, then Daniel’s the perfect sparring partner to help validate and challenge your situation. He is ready to simplify even your most complex scenarios.

How Daniel can help you: 

  • 3D Print & Additive Manufacturing Strategy

  • Business Case Creation

  • Project Assessment

  • Sound-boarding innovative ideas

  • Technology Consulting

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