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Chidanand H, PhD

Location: Singapore

3D Printing of thin films, glass/ceramics, and soft robotics


Chidanand graduated with a PhD in additive manufacturing from the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing, Nanyang Technological University Singapore. With the freedom to explore any research under the roof of 3D printing, he spent the first year of his PhD to understanding every type of 3D printing and exploring the possibilities of using them to solve the problem of interest.


While he is acquainted with all the 3D printing techniques, he developed his specialist field of expertise in the following domains:

1. Additive manufacturing of thin films (aerosol jet, inkjet, laser writing):

a. Lead inventor of femtosecond laser synthesis of high entropy alloy and oxide thin films.

b. Particle-free formulation of printable inks for oxides and alloys.

c. Application of laser for surface modification.

2. 3D printing of glass and ceramics from sol-gel chemistry:

a. Formulation of UV curable sol-gels for 3D printing of glass and ceramics.

b. Coating of 3D printed substrates using dip coating.


3. Design and application of 3D printing in soft robotics:

a. Design of soft grippers and their application in the biomedical, agriculture, and packaging industry.

b. Design and 3D printing of smart soft grippers with embedded sensors.


With the above background, Chidanand is looking to work with and contribute his knowledge to anyone interested in knowing more and applying the above technologies in their workflow or business.


Chidanand is a great fit for 30-60 minute client sessions looking for sound-boarding and problem-solving.


With experience in failed attempts to the application of 3D printing in a variety of applications (both in thought experiments and actual experiments) and many successes, he could help clients if their ideas are worth the try. He is excellently equipped with experience with a variety of 3D printing approaches and the advantage and challenges that come with each of them. Therefore, he could quickly point out the blind spots and suggest suitable alternatives.


Furthermore, his “bread and butter” is to solve problems as a researcher. Chidanand can give valuable suggestions for hassle-free solutions to clients’ issues. With his knowledge of technologies in 3D printing, troubleshooting experience, and first principle approach to problem-solving he can rightly guide the client.

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