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Carlos V

Location: Spain

DFAM Product Engineering


Carlos has more than 6 years of industrial engineering experience as a manufacturing and product engineer. He has designed products for automotive, industrial, and consumer goods sectors, and used AM in all of them to develop and/or implement the required solution.


Carlos has managed international projects as well as advised customers around the world. In his current role as Senior DFAM Product Engineer, he is implementing and developing applications using AM for industrial applications. He has designed, planned, and manufactured diverse products in AM, as well as tooling and jigs and fixtures for production lines mainly designed using MJF, VAT, FFF, BJ, and/or Polyjet.


Carlos can offer advice in the following fields:


  • Design validation for AM

  • AM implementation into the companies value chain / workflow

  • Software selection (simulation, design, MES)

  • Troubleshooting for design issues

  • AM value proposition

  • AM development

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