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Ask an Expert and get answers to your questions.

On 3dpmaven you can find highly qualified experts from all areas of Additive Manufacturing. Easily choose the right expert and receive individual advice from a proven specialist. 100% online, transparent, and at a fixed hourly rate.

Are you unsure whether 3D printing is even worthwhile for your company?

Is there uncertainty about which 3D printing technology and material is right for you because you don't want to make a wrong decision?


Are you lacking a clear plan and direction to get started with 3D printing, find applications, and implement them?


Are you lacking the knowledge as well as an approach for additive design for simple and complicated applications?


Maybe you've already started with 3D printing, but the successes failed to materialize and it seems like it is becoming a permanent topic of theory?


Are you looking for a flexible consultancy to support you in all the 3D printing questions you may face on your Additive Manufacturing journey?

Booking an Expert is easy.


Browse through the list of our hand-picked industry experts


Review available times and place a session request


Get on your 1:1 call. Join your session easily and remotely

Access to real-world insights 
like never before.

Expert Matching Discovery Call

Book a free discovery call to find the most suitable expert for your
Additive Manufacturing challenge. 

App Features

Leverage our secure platform to connect with the future leaders in
the Additive Manufacturing industry.

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