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Ben F

Location: Australia

Product Selection, Prototyping & 3D Scanning


Ben has more than 15 years of experience as a Mechanical Engineer. He has previously worked with clients from a wide area of fields including Artists, Architects, Engineers, Doctors, Dentists, Surgeons, Students, Freelancers, and Media & Marketing. He can work with any of these in bringing an idea from a conceptual thought through to a 3D printed model with the desired qualities required as a prototype and low-production scale manufacturing.


When it comes to prototyping, Ben can also share his expertise using 3D scanning technologies.


During his advisory calls, Ben can help whittle down the large tangled web of choices to a manageable selection based on budget allocation, products required, and skill sets on hand within the company.


Ben is very well aware of this fast-paced industry and knows about the importance of speed and efficiency in the Additive Manufacturing industry where the products you were asked to print today were actually needed yesterday.

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