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Bastian G, PhD

Location: Germany

3D Print Strategy, Process & Materials, Post-Processing


Bastian is a seasoned 3D printing strategy consultant with a special focus on 3D print material and coatings.


He has a holistic view and is looking at Additive Manufacturing as a part of the overall production process.


His objective is to reduce waste in 3D printing processes. Bastian can provide advice on how the right choice of materials and 3D printing technology, wastage of resources such as working time, operating materials, energy and raw materials can be significantly reduced.


It doesn't matter whether you already use 3D printing or not. Bastian will work with you to develop the right strategy. From a single component, to complete manufacturing solutions, to a holistic 3D printing concept for the entire company.


Bastian has an academic background in materials science and production engineering earned at the University of Stuttgart, Germany.


He is looking forward to working with innovative people and organisations, helping them implement sustainable 3D printing solutions.


Based on his focus areas within Additive Manufacturing, Bastian is offering the following services during his client sessions:

  • Problem-solving,

  • Ask me Anything (AMA) sessions,

  • Small Workshops or presentations/webinars for staff.

Book a session

If you want to know more about the booking process, please send an Email to our concierge here.

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