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Alejandro U, PhD

Location: Australia

Additive Manufacturing for Aeronautics and Aerospace (rocket engines)


Alejandro is a Mechanical Engineer and has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering.


His passion for Aeronautics and Aerospace Technology has been his main motivation to conduct research in aerospace propulsion systems, using additive manufacturing technology to obtain solid fuel grains for hybrid rocket engines. This technological application has allowed him to optimize the performance of this type of engine, which is gaining great interest in the aerospace field.


Three-dimensional printing has allowed Alejandro to develop prototypes of high-power sounding rockets (HPR), endorsed under the Tripoli USA regulations, and parts for aircraft and drones with multiple industrial and research applications.


Additionally, he has developed STEM training activities at universities in Latin America, using 3D printing technology as a tool for creating, approaching, and exploring scientific and research skills in young audiences.


His background in research allows him to provide advice in the selection and characterization of materials for 3D printing, guidance in the design and manufacture of parts and prototypes, use of 3D manufacturing in aeronautical and aerospace applications, and training and teaching of additive manufacturing technology.


Alejandro’s areas of expertise include:

  • Design & Simulation

  • Application Engineering

  • Process & Material

  • Machine Operation

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