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CyberSecurity for Additive Manufacturing

Gartner defines operational technology (OT) as, “hardware and software that detects or causes a change, through the direct monitoring and/or control of industrial equipment, assets, processes, and events.” OT security includes practices and technologies used to protect them.

OT security is designed to meet the unique security needs of OT environments. This includes protecting system availability, understanding OT-specific protocols, and blocking attacks targeting the legacy systems commonly used in OT environments.

Security Risk Assessment

Process hazard analysis to identify cyber risks related to the impacts and consequences of a cyber disruption to your business operations. 

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Threat Modeling

Using the results of the risk assessment, this service catalogs threat actors, cyber consequences, and malicious activity to identify potential threats.

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Strategic OT Roadmap

This service tailors a roadmap of future projects to your unique objectives to mitigate the risks identified. 

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Discovery Call

Book a free discovery call to confidentially discuss your
Additive Manufacturing Cyber Security needs. 

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